April - 2014  TWO EVENTS: Talk on Saturday & Workshop on Sunday

The Art of
Spiritual Dowsing
Nathan Main

Energy Transformationalist
& Spiritua
l Dowser

Presentation - Saturday
April 26th, fr
om 1:00 to 4:00


We welcome your participation in this special dynamic group synergy
and experiential energetic process

"We will discuss why it is essential to be on a truly progressive spiritual path and for humanity to ascend to the higher dimensional light status, we can transcend our beliefs, attachment to beliefs and limiting religious paradigms and awaken to our infinite knowing as the Infinite & Divine Creator Beings we truly are."  

Nathan will address the importance of developing a keen sensitivity to subtle energy (Spirit); utilizing kinesiology (muscle testing) and pendulum dowsing. Combining all three divining systems to gain greater spiritual knowledge and wisdom will move you forward on a progressive, evolutionary spiritual journey. We will also check the validity of certain New Testament scriptures.

Nathan energetically demonstrates, with the assistance of numerous participants, that there is a higher Energy and Intelligence that expands infinitely beyond concepts of Father Mother God. We will also demonstrate that we are truly Infinite & Divine Creator Beings having a human experience.

All participants: please bring a dowsing device, pendulum, bobber or other type, to use in the workshop, as well
as a notebook and pen.

See Nathan's bio below:


Energy Transformation
& Light Activation

Workshop: Sunday

  April 27, 1:00 to 4:00 PM

$45 at the door

  Nathan will be facilitating a spiritually advanced
Group Energy Transformation & Light Activation Session

Two ten minute breaks

Working with Angels and Light Beings from Infinite levels of Consciousness, we will clear hundreds of our human filters. This includes clearing dozens of the negative programs which “dumb us down” that we signed up for before birth and prior to incarnating into this third dimensional life experience.

We can experience greater clarity, peace, joy, self-expression, awareness or expanded consciousness. Other benefits include enhanced personal empowerment and knowing your “Divine Purpose”. The group session energy exchange is $30.00.

This is an excellent opportunity for us all to stretch beyond our comfort zones, rather than staying stuck in what's familiar. Make major strides forward as powerful spiritual beings, fully self expressed, demonstrative and fulfilling our potential as the "Glorious & Magnificent, Infinite & Divine Creator Light Beings" we truly are

Please RSVP:

This is very important as we need to know who will attend so we can prepare a safe space.
Individual Spirit Energy Transformation Session Appointments Available




Villa Alegre Community Center,
144 Villa Alegre Street,
Santa Fe, NM 87501


The address appears on the West side of the building.  Go North on St. Francis. Turn right onto West Alemeda. Turn left at the first opportunity into Villa Aegre Street and stay to the right.  The road forks and the 2 story Community Center is in the middle of the forked road Stay left and park.

  Lost? 505-231-6508

This special event is sponsored by The Kokopelli Dowsers

369 Montezuma Ave. #247
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Nathan Main
Spiritual Dowser and Eighth Level Adept Energy Transformationalist

Nathan has had numerous spiritually awakening experiences that altered the course of his life. He studied esoteric wisdom at the Esoteric Philosophy Center and studied with many teachers from an early age. Fascinated with the mystical (unknown) life of Jesus, Nathan studied everything available on the subject. He discovered Paramahansa Yogananda and his teachings. At age 29 he discovered the Ascended Masters, had a visitation by Jesus that was profoundly life changing. Soon after, Nathan became aware of close associations with numerous Ascended Masters and studied their teachings for the next twenty years. As an active member of an Ascended Master Spiritualist Study Group, Nathan experienced monthly visitations with the Ascended Masters in group settings.

Nathan began having profound experiences of going beyond time/ space while studying massage therapy, learning several healing/ transformational energy therapies such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Access Energy Transformation (AET) and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). This includes losing all density in his body, experiencing heightened states of blissfulness, ecstasy and illumination that he will share in his Light Activation on Sunday.

Nathan loves helping folks clear their filters, programs, beliefs, fears, resistance, energetic blocks and interference, as well as a very long list of obstacles that hinder, stifle and prevent folks from being fully self expressed, demonstrative and fulfilling their potential.

Nathan offers Spirit Energy Transformation sessions in person in New Mexico and periodically in Texas, and internationally by phone, Skype or Google Plus. He guarantees his work and promises dynamic and dramatic positive results from his Spirit Energy Transformation sessions.


Contact for Kokopelli Dowsers: Angellyn Rose at info@kokopellidowsers.com or leave a message at 505-216-1614

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